The TeachMeFashion Family

By Georgina Raudino

Hi everyone – it’s Georgina,

We’re extremely excited to have launched our new website, so I thought I would do our first blog post on the story behind TeachMeFashion and how my fantastic Aunty (Heather) started it all.

The TeachMeFashion story

In 2014 Heather retired from over 40 years of teaching Fashion Design at Australia's top Fashion University (RMIT) and wanted to keep up sewing and teaching in retirement, so with some help from her son she started designing new patterns and making sewing tutorial videos.

I'm so inspired by some of her fantastic videos. 

The goal was always to make ‘simple and elegant patterns,’ and continue teaching people sewing and fashion. For Heather making the sewing video tutorials for each of the patterns was the best way she could teach people to sew. By walking through step-by-step she could include plenty of sewing tips and tricks she had learned from over 40 years of teaching.

Georgina joining the force

At the start of this year I (Georgina) started creating new content for you to learn. We want to grow TeachMeFashion, to keep creating great videos and patterns for all of you to watch and learn. Anything is possible and with Heather guiding me to make sure everything is done perfectly, we can promise you great designs that you will love. 

Here is a snippet of the very first video Heather and I tried to film.

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  Lots of Love & Happy Sewing

Georgina xx