Can I return/refund my purchase?

Due to the nature of the patterns, we have a no returns policy. Once you’ve purchased the PDF sewing pattern there are no returns or refunds allowed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards including Visa and MasterCard, as well as PayPal. We now also include payments through AfterPay. All prices are listed in US dollars by default.

How do I receive my pattern?

The download link is available immediately after purchase in two places:

1) Instantly following your order

2) In your email confirmation

Can I download the file multiple times?

Yes! If you create an account you can access it from there as many times as you would like. Alternatively you can re-download it from the confirmation email following your order.

How do I choose the correct pattern size?

All sizes are included in every PDF sewing pattern. The different sizes are clearly marked on the pattern and you will be able to choose whichever size you wish.

What happens if I delete or lose my pattern?

You can retrieve this from your email folders, or if you have created an account you can access all previously purchased patterns there. If not, please email us at hello@teachmefashion.com and we’ll help you access your pattern.

How quickly will I receive my PDF sewing pattern?

Straight away! Once you complete your order, you’ll receive a link to download the pattern. A link will also be available your email order confirmation. If you have created an account, the pattern will always be available in your account, under completed orders.

I ordered my pattern more than an hour ago, and haven’t received an email?

Our PDF sewing patterns are sent to your email automatically immediately after the order has been made. If not in your inbox please check your spam or junk folder. If not, please email us at hello@teachmefashion.com and we’ll help you access your pattern.

How do I view & print my pattern?

Open the downloaded file using Adobe Acrobat. Our PDF sewing patterns are designed to print perfectly on your home printer on either U.S. Letter or A4 paper – detailed printing instructions are included in the pattern.

How do I print my pattern? What size paper do I need?

Our PDF sewing patters can be printed on both US Letter and A4 size paper. The pattern pieces are assembled as a number of tiles. A guide on how to do this is included in each pattern.

Important to note: when printing, please make sure that you have the printer settings set to ‘Actual Size’ or 'Print at 100%' and not ‘Fit to Page’ or 'Shrink to Fit.' Make sure your paper size is correct as well, either US Letter or A4 size.

How do I assemble my PDF pattern?

Follow the guide and instruction included in each pattern on assembling the PDF sewing pattern. Each pattern tile will have a number guide, which can be matched up with the corresponding tile to assemble the pattern.

What is included in your patterns?

TeachMeFashion PDF Sewing patterns contain nested pattern pieces and simple step-by-step instructions. Many of our patterns also include a detailed step-by-step video tutorial, which can be found on your YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com/teachmefashion

Where can I find information on sizing?

Please see the sizing guide below:



What do I need to print a PDF sewing pattern?

You need an email address, a computer and a printer. You will instantly receive your PDF sewing pattern via email. You simply click on the pattern to open it, save it and then print it on your printer.

What do you need to create a garment?

You will need: a sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, a ruler, an iron, tailor's chalk or a fabric marker and other materials required for the garment e.g. Buttons, Zips, Elastic etc. All other equipment is listed in the product pages.

What sizes do the patterns come in?

Our patterns come in a size range from XS to 5XL. Sizing can be different in all countries, so we do suggest before you start to measure yourself using our measurement guide. These measurements come in both Metric and Imperial. The PDF pattern comes in a nest of all 9 sizing.

Are the seams allowance included?

Yes, all seam allowances are always included in the pattern. You will be able to see this on your pattern once downloaded.

How do I know which fabric to use?

On all of our product pages and downloaded PDF files we have recommended fabric suggestions. You can always choose your own if you prefer we only give suggestions to make it easier for you.

Are your patterns available in wide format?

No. We only have A4 or US Letter available to print at the moment.

Where can I find all of my pdf patterns to download?

You can find all of your purchases on your account.

Is my account information private?

All of your details are of course private. We will never share them to anyone.