Fabric Heaven

By Georgina Raudino

What have I been doing!? It is hard to convey everything online; especially what we have been working on over the past couple of months. I would say that the social world has got’n the better of me. Uploading and expressing everything I do for Teach Me Fashion, choosing what to show you, and worried whether you are even interested in what I am ‘actually’ doing. There is a fine line between ’great content’ and the ‘over share’. Working out the balance is something I am still working on. Enough about all of that we have some exciting news!

Rathdowne Fabric and Remnants being caught shopping

Above is evidence of my weakness to fabric. Here I am, caught shopping in the furnishing room of Rathdowne Fabric & Remnants. The funny thing is I have nothing to furnish, but the fabric was to irresistible not to touch. 


Rathdowne logolocated @ 154 Victoria Street Brunswick, Victoria, Australia 

Rathdowne Fabric & Remnants


 I would say the most EXCITING news thus far, besides working on our next lot of patterns is our sponsorship with the amazing ‘Rathdowne Fabrics & Remnants’ located in Melbourne, Australia. This place, pretty much is the closest thing to what I call heaven. From the outside you can already tell that whatever is inside is going to be good. The photos I took, won’t even do any justice of how many, the diversity, the choices you have of fabric to choose from for any creation, craft or project you are doing. For me, I start my design process with fabric shopping. I get inspired with the touch and the aesthetic of fabrics, which sparks a design instantly. With out a doubt, Rathedowne’s is my go-to to be inspired, find fabric I never knew I needed and be at peace (I am instantly relaxed here). 


Rathdowne shop close up

Rathdowne Staff rolling fabric

 I would classify myself as a fabric hauteur. And this place definitely feeds my addiction. With an abundance of fabric it also has a wall of haberdashery, spools and spools of ribbon, plenty of beads to embellish, a rainbow selection of threads, a diverse range of zippers and staff who greet you with warmth and a wealth of knowledge. You could spend a whole day in here with ease.

I have been visiting Rathedowne’s for years. From the very first day I started my fashion degree at RMIT, Rathdowne’s was the place I went to the most and still is the fabric store I visit most frequently. There is just something about it that words can not describe. It is a must to add Rathdowne’s to your list of fabric stores to go to. 

 rathdowne haberdashery

rathedowne ribbon and sequin elastics

rathedowne threads

 Rathedowne’s isn’t just a new guy on the block either. The fabric store has been wholesaling and distributing fabrics for over four decades, starting in the early 70’s. The founder Morre Sunshine opened the innovative fabric store named ‘Rathdowne Remnants’ purchasing fabrics from all over Australia with a huge variety to choose from. This place was the factory outlet to go to. Over time and growing fast, Rathdowne’s has moved locations a few time to accommodate its growth. Now located in a massive warehouse filled with fabric from floor to ceiling you will not be disappointed. The best part about this fabric store is that it is still family owned and has the same passion from when it first opened to provide any creative enthusiast, home decorator, costume designer, fashion student or home sewer the fabric they need.

‘Rathedowne Fabrics & Remnants’ is a fabric store you must visit!

You can visit their website ‘HERE’

Lace Fabric
Rathdowne Fabric

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Happy sewing! 
George xx

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