Create your own Beanie | Lucy

By Georgina Raudino

I have always found myself in shops at winter time looking for a beanie that I love and most importantly looks good. Don't get me wrong I found many that were cute with added pom poms, embellishments and bright woolly colours but they were very expensive. Thats why this pattern is important to me. I wanted to create a beanie that was comfortable, looks great and non expensive. I simply can not describe how comfortable this beanie is. It is fully self lined making it extra warm and has an attached band that make it nice a snug and can be worn turned up and down.

The Lucy beanie is a great home sewing project and is suitable for children as well. It is even a great gift idea. I have made myself 3 beanies, using 3 different fabrications. 

1. Rib 2. Mock Rib Velvet 3. Knitted Marino wool

This would be one of the most simplest patterns to create. It only consists of 2 pattern pieces and a total of 3 cut outs. You have the option of cutting out the band twice for a more relaxed and wider band aesthetic. 


 * All of the PDF sewing patterns are suitable for both US letter and A4 paper. Perfect for all sewers to sew anywhere in the world. I am trying to make sewing fun and convientant for everyone. This pattern also comes with a A0 file for professional printing.


For this beanie I recommend using a beautiful lush rib fabric. I find a rib works best for this pattern and makes it cosy and extra warm. Other stretch fabrics that are suitable are any type of stretch fabric with a high recovery. This means that the fabric retains it original form. 

You can use a knit fabric that contains an elastane/spandex and even Wool blend which will aid for warmth. Get creative and make your own beanie with different weighted fabrics for any type of weather. 



To print your PDF Pattern

Printer, Paper Scissors, Sticky Tape, Coloured Marker (optional)

To sew this PDF Pattern 

Sewing Machine, Normal machine foot, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Measuring Tape, Matching Thread, Thread cutters (optional), Hand Sewing Needle.


Watch my YouTube sewing tutorial and see how I make the Lucy Beanie from start to finish. I show you how to make this beanie from start to finish making it easy to follow along.



STEP 1. Fold all pattern pieces right sides together. Pin in place, ready for your to sew that  and the beanie top at the centre back.

Pin your garment together

STEP 2. Before you start sewing set your machine to a stretch stitch. Sew in place using a 1.5cm / 5'8" of an inch seam allowance. Back tack to secure the stitch, removing the pins as you sew.

STEP 3. Cut all loose thread.

Sew garment centre back seams together 


STEP 1. Fold each point onto itself and pin. This will create the top of your beanie. Your beanie will start to take shape. The top will be rounded.

Pin points together and sew

STEP 2. Remove the pins and with your hands hold seams together.  Sew in place using a 1.5cm / 5'8" of an inch seam allowance. Back tack to secure the stitch, removing the pins as you sew. Take your time, and as you go you will notice that the top of the beanie will become more bulky. This is due to  all the seams meeting together at the top and is totally normal.

Pin points together and sew


STEP 3. Cut all loose thread. To take away the bulk on top of your head, cut the excess fabric. This will allow the top of the beanie to sit nicer on your head. 

Cut the excess fabric on the top of the beanie



STEP 1. Open the centre back seams on both the top and the band. Placing right sides of fabric together and both centre back seams, pin together in place. Make sure your notches are matching as you pin.

Pin your band on and attach it to the top of your beanie

STEP 2.  Sew in place using a 1.5cm / 5'8" of an inch seam allowance. Back tack to secure the stitch, removing the pins as you sew.

STEP 3. Do the same to the other side, but this time pin a guide at the centre back (3cm/1inch width) not to sew. This is to create a hole so you can pull the garment right way through.

STEP 4.  Sew in place using a 1.5cm / 5'8" of an inch seam allowance. Back tack to secure the stitch, removing the pins as you sew.

Attach the other side and sew leaving a hole

STEP 5. Cut all loose thread and pull the beanie right way up, through the hole you just created.



STEP 1. Thread your needle with matching thread.

STEP 2.  Pin the hole shut making sure the centre back seams match.

STEP 3. Sew the hole shut knotting the thread at the start and at the end of your stitch. This will Create a seamless seam.

Hand stitch the hole shut to complete your beanie 

You have finished!!! Put your beanie together by folding the tops in on themselves creating a beanie. Fold your band up and you are ready to go. 

If you have any questions or feedback about this pattern comment in Teach Me Fashion FaceBook group


Happy Sewing 

Georgina xx


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