How to make the Long Sleeve Top

By Georgina Raudino
What more do you need in your wardrobe then a really good basic? Basics form the fundamental of any outfit. And what I call a basic if different to what you may call a basic. But can I tell you, our Long Sleeve Top is the perfect basic to grow or add to your wardrobe. It is the perfect stapel.
What's so good about this pattern, you ask? It was designed for comfort, which for me is very important because I wear basics everyday. The body of the top isn't tight fitting. Designed with a little extra fabric at the hem, the Long Sleeve Top drapes beautifully on your body. 
The Long Sleeve Top is perfect for work, dinner dates, casual outings or even for working out in. If you are new to sewing this is a great pattern for you.

Long Sleeve Top

* All of our PDF sewing patterns are suitable for both US letter head and A4 paper. Perfect for all sewers to sew anywhere in the world. We are trying to make sewing fun and convientant for everyone.


Printing your PDF Pattern you will need: Printer, Paper Scissors & Sticky Tape
To sew you will need: Sewing Machine, Tape measure, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Ruler, Matching Thread & an Iron to finish.

Recommended Fabric
Any light to medium weight knit fabric. Make sure it has a slight stretch in the fabric.



HOT TIP - Wash your fabric before you place your pattern piece down on the fabric and cut out. this allows for shrinkage and warping of your fabric.

The Shoulder Seams and Positioning the Neckband

STEP 1. Make sure you have notched all your seam allowances and balance marks.

Notch pattern pieces before sewing

STEP 2. Lift the front and back pattern pieces and pin the shoulder seams together, making sure you have right sides together. Stitch these seams using a slight zigzag stitch. This will stop the seam from breaking when the fabric stretches. If you have anoverlocker, use that instead of zig-zagging.

Pin shoulder seams together

Pin both shoulder seams together

STEP 3. Cut a strip of knit 6cm or 2.5 inches wide, making sure it is more than enough to go around the neck. I prefer this method as knits can have different stretch, and I like to pin the band on while the garment is on the stand. A good rule is 2/3 of the neck edge measurement as a cut length. Make sure if you use this method, you also add seam allowance.

Put top on bodice stand


STEP 4. If you use the stand method, fold the strip in half and starting at one of the shoulders, pin the band as it would sit when the top is finished. Make sure you are pinning it on the seam allowance line of the neck edge and the band. When you get back to the point where the band crosses over, make sure you leave an overlap of seam allowance for you to sew the band into a tube.

pinning the neck bind on

STEP 5. Notch the shoulder of the band and the centre back. This gives you a reference point to pin to.

Notching neck band

Cut excess bind off

STEP 6. Take the top off the stand and stitch the band ends with right sides together to form a tube. At this stage, try not to unpin the band from the neck edge too much.

STEP 7. Turn the band so you have right sides together. Pin as you go.

Pin the neck band right way up 

STEP 8. Stitch neck bind into place.

Sew the Neck Bind on


Stitching The Sleeves

STEP 1. Remove the pattern from the sleeves and fold the sleeve in two. You will notice one side of the sleeve head is higher than the other. This is the back of the sleeve.

STEP 2. With right sides together, pin the sleeves into the armholes of the top, matching the notch on the head of the sleeve with the shoulder seams.

Sleeve seam

Pinning sleeve head to back and front of garment

STEP 3. Using a slight zig-zag stitch or an overlocker, stitch the sleeves into the armholes. Trim this seam back by half. 

Side Seams

STEP 1. Pin side seams together. Making sure underarm seam is matching. Sew in place.

Pinning side seam

Sew side seam


The Hem

STEP 1. Press up the allowance on the sleeves and the hem of the top.

Iron Side seam open

Pin and iron hem into place

Turn sleeve back and iron

Iron sleeve hem

STEP 2. Using a slight zig-zag, stitch these into position

Sew sleeve and bodice hem up


The Final Press

STEP 1. Press your final garment and trim any loose threads.

Iron your final garment




If you like, you can also watch and follow our YouTube tutorial on 'How to make the Long Sleeve Top'.

Click the link below to watch from start to finish.


Happy Sewing,