Sleeveless Draped Coat Sleeveless Draped Coat Sleeveless Draped Coat Sleeveless Draped Coat Sleeveless Draped Coat

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Sleeveless Draped Coat

This elegant, sleeveless coat is the perfect addition to any outfit adding a touch of class. The Sleeveless Draped Coat is a single-layered garment with no facings or lining which makes it easier to sew. With only three pattern pieces it is quick and simple to cut out and sew together. 

Designed to be a trans-seasonal garment. It is the perfect garment for the colder months as a layering option with heavy woolen blend fabric, or over a t-shirt to bring a touch of class in the warmer months with a beautiful lightweight fabric. 

With the cascading draping, oversized collar and the longer length, this Sleeveless Draped Coat is ideal for all body shapes.

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Recommended Fabrics

Knitted or woven fabrics such as wool, boiled wool, lightweight wool, lightweight denim, leatherette, faux fur, leather, jacquard knit and machine knit.

Key Equipment

Tape measure, Pins, Fabric & Paper Scissors, Matching thread, Hand sewing needle, Sticky Tape, Colour Marker

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