Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy



The Lucy Beanie is the perfect accessory for a cold winters day. Warm and comfortable this is a pattern that is suitable for any home sewer. 

This beanie has an attached band that can be doubled for added warmth and a relaxed aesthetic. For a clean and professional finish the beanie is fully self lined. The top of the beanie is rounded by sewing together 5 seams into a point creating the perfect fit.

Be creative and add a Pom Pom to the the top to add contrast or a colour burst to your beanie. 

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Recommended Fabrics

Suitable for stretch fabric such as elastane or spandex. I recommend using a fabric with high recovery. This means stretch with high elasticity that returns back to its natural form. You can use any type of rib fabric natural or synthetic.
Rib 2x2 , Rib 2x4 and even a tight 1x1 rib. Cotton/elastane, Wool/blend, Jersey

Key Equipment

Sewing machine, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Measuring Tape, Hand Sewing Needle, Matching Thread,

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