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Long Sleeve Top

The perfect Long Sleeve Top. Designed with comfort in mind this top is the ultimate long sleeve top for any woman’s wardrobe.

A full body silhouette that flares out from the waist, a longer hemline, a higher neckline and full-length sleeves, this top has all the flattering elements suitable for all body shapes.

Style with your favourite pair of pants for a casual chic look, or use for a layered option to keep you warm in the cooler months. Make it in your go-to pattern in various bold, vibrant colours or as a statement piece in a fabulous print. This garment is created for a classic look, sewn in a comfortable lightweight knit.



Recommended Fabrics

Any light to medium weight knit fabric.

Key Equipment

Tape measure, Pins, Fabric & Paper Scissors, Matching thread, Hand sewing needle, Sticky Tape, Colour Marker

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