TREND: Nail Art

By Georgina Raudino
Something that gets my soul going, is looking at the latest trends that hit the catwalk and also the streets. I have always been that person that pushed the limit with how I wear and style my outfits. I have always tried to be different. Its how I express my personality.
My latest obsession is NAIL ART. If you are fashion orientated, you too would flick through Pinterest, looking for those photographs that inspire you. I have never been much of a nail art person, just a regular girl who maintains their shellac. 
So here it is, you too can create at home, trend setting nail art with...
STEP 1. File and shape your nails, removing any old or excess polish.
STEP 2. Coat your nails with a bottom coat of clear nail polish. I use Rimmel London 60 seconds Super Shine - 740 Clear
STEP 3. Paint your nails with your preferred nail polish. I chose O.P.I Black. Wait until completely dry to apply confetti.
STEP 4. This is your time to take your time and be patient. Get your nail glue. I use Glam by Manicure. Place a small dot of glue at the end of your nail to place the confetti. I use a tooth pick to help.