How to Sew the Hooded Jumper

By Georgina Raudino
Ath-leisure is one of the largest fashion trends that keeps on growing. That is why we had to create this hooded jumper to add to my wardrobe. It is a great basic and can be turned into one of your favourite jumpers, depicted on your choice of fabric.
This blog is a written step-by-step on how to construct the 'Hooded Jumper' from start to finish.
Following this blog you will be able to sew the Hooded Jumper with ease. This is a simple fpattern and is great for all sewing expertise. 

Click here to view the 'Hooded Jumper' Pattern

All of our PDF sewing patterns are suitable for both US letter head and A4 paper. Perfect for all sewers to sew anywhere in the world. We are trying to make sewing fun and convientant for everyone.

Sewing Machine
Sticky tape
Paper Scissors
Tape measure
Fabric scissors
Matching thread for seams
Hand sewing needle and thread
Iron and ironing board


Depending on the season you can create this garment in a variety of different weight fabrics. I recommend a cotton jersey, cotton blend or for those coolers months a fleece lined fabric for extra warmth. NO WOVENS only KNIT FABRICS.

 Use an overlocker or a stretch stitch on your sewing machine to sew this garment together. If you don't have either try using a slight zig-zag stitch. Test your choice of stitching on a scrap of the fabric you are using, before moving onto your main garment.


STEP 1. Lay out your fabric, doubling it up, putting selvage to selvage. Make sure that there is no lumps and bumps anywhere before you place your pattern pieces on the fabric. It is always a good idea to iron your fabric before laying your pattern pieces. Also make sure you read all pattern piece correctly before pinning then cutting.

Insure that your straight grains are lined up with your selvage. Use your ruler or measuring tape to make sure pattern pieces are straight. 

HOT TIP - I always pre wash my fabric before I cut out any of my pattern pieces. This is just incase there is any shrinkage in the fabric. 


STEP 2. With the right sides of the fabric together pin the shoulder seams of the front and back along the seam allowance line. Stitch together, removing the pins as you sew. Press the seams toward the back.

STEP 3.  Spread the front and back fabric pieces out on a table with the right side of the fabric facing up. 

overlock stitching of hooded jumper shoulder seam


STEP 4. With the right sides of the fabric together pin the sleeve head balance marks/ notches to the shoulder seams you have just sewn. Continue pinning the sleeve heads all the way around the armholes. Stitch the sleeves to the body.

Press the seam allowance either towards the sleeve or in towards the main body of the garment. As long as you press both armhole seams the same way it doesn't really matter. It is personal preference.


STEP 5. With right sides of the fabric together pin the front and back side seams together and continue pinning all the way through the sleeves. Make sure when pinning that the underarm seam is matching. Stitch these seams together.

STEP 6. Turn the top through so the right side of the garment is facing out. Press all the seam allowances.

hooded jumper side seams

underarm stitching of hooded jumper


STEP 7.  Neaten the hem edges of the top and the sleeve if desired. The fabric is knitted so it won't frey but a neatened edge gives a nicer finish. Pin up the hem allowance on both the top and the sleeves and stitch into position. Use a measuring tape to ensure that width of the hem is the same all away around. You can either do a single stitch or a twin/double depending on the aesthetic you want.

Press the hem lines.

hemline of hooded jumper


STEP 8. With the right sides of the fabric together pin the curved seam of the polo pattern piece. Stitch together on the seam allowance line.Press this seam to one side. It doesn't matter which side as long as the seam is pressed in one direction. Fold the polo piece in two so you have the neck edges together. You should have a completely finished tube that just needs to be attached to the neck of the top.

STEP 9. With the right sides together pin the balance marks/notches on the neck piece to the shoulders on the top (body). Also make sure the seam on the neck is pinned to the centre back neck of the top. Continue pinning the polo around the neck of the garment.

STEP 10. Stitch the polo to the neck of the garment. Press this seam allowance towards the body of the garment.

hooded jumper neck line 

You're finished

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styling the hooded jumper


HOT TIP - Check out the long sleeve top sewing tutorial on our Youtube Channel, for all the same sewing methods used.