How to make the Sleeveless Draped Coat

By Georgina Raudino
The Draped Coat would easily be one of my favourite patterns to create.
It's simplicity and modern aesthetic adds an instant 'WOW' factor to any outfit. It can also be created in a variety of different fabrications and is a great sewing project for all skill levels. Add your own style with embellishments or even a printed fabric. 
I recommend the Sleeveless Draped Coat pattern for those who are new to sewing or are wanting to build up their wardrobe. This pattern only consists of 5 patterns pieces, making its complexity very simple.

The Sleeveless Draped Coat


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* All of our PDF sewing patterns are suitable for both US letter head and A4 paper. Perfect for all sewers to sew anywhere in the world. We are trying to make sewing fun and convientant for everyone.

What you need to get started

Printing your PDF Pattern you will need : Printer, Paper Scissors & Sticky Tape
For the project you will need : Sewing Machine, Tape measure, Fabric Scissors, Pins, Ruler, Matching Thread & an Iron to finish.
We have used a medium-weight wool blend. I recommend to use any light-weight to medium-weight fabric. You can use synthetic or any natural fibres of your choice. 
Just remember fabric weight is essential for this garment. You want the the front drape to sit nicely. 
Recommended Fabrics

Time to sew

Hot Tip - If you are using wool make sure you iron/steam before cutting it out. This will help with any shrinkage or warping of the fabric.


The draped coat laying out the pattern

The Pockets

STEP 1. With right sides together, pin the front pocket bags to the coat front pieces making sure you match the notches.

The draped coat pinning pocket

the draped coat pining the pocket

STEP 2. Stitch along the seam allowance line to secure the pocket bag to the coat front.

the draped coat stitching the pocket

Reinforcing the Front Shoulder and Collar on Front Coat Piece

STEP 1. Stitching just inside the seam allowance line and starting 2cm / 1inch from the corner, stitch into the corner, leave the needle in, lift the foot, turn and continue stitching for a further 2cm / 1 inch.

the draped coat reinforcing the neck

STEP 2. Using sharp scissors clip into this corner. This enables you to open out the seam allowance and sew the collar to the centre back neck and retain a sharp corner at the shoulder & neck edge point.

the draped coat cutting into the corner

the draped coat opened reinforced seam

The Collar

STEP 1. With wrong sides together, stitch the centre back of the collar together on the seam allowance line.

the drape coat pinning the cb neck

STEP 2. Trim one side of the seam allowance back to 0.5cm/ 0.25 inch.

STEP 3. Fold the untrimmed seam allowance over the top of the trimmed seam allowance, pin into position and stitch. This is known as a flat seam and is very useful for hiding seam allowances.

the draped coat cutting cb neck seam

STEP 4. With right sides together, pin the collar and shoulders of the front onto the neck and shoulders of the back. Make sure you match your centre back neck with the flat seam of your collar. Stitch them together making sure you open out the reinforced corner. This way you can get right onto the shoulder & neck edge corner of the back piece.

the draped coat pinning the shoulders and the back neck

STEP 5. Neaten this seam by using a zig-zag stitch or an overlocker.

The Side Seams and Pocket Bag

STEP 1. Neaten each seam where you have sewn the pocket bags to the coat fronts.

STEP 2. With right sides together pin the side seams together, including the pocket bags.

the draped coat pinning the side seams together

STEP 3. Stitch the side seams making sure you leave the needle in and lift the foot at the beginning and end of the pocket bag.

the draped coat stitching the side seam

STEP 4. Neaten the seam by using a zig-zag stitch or an overlocker.

The Hem and Armhole Edges

STEP 1. Using a tape measure for accuracy fold up the hem and armhole edges by 1cm / 0.5 inch. Pin if necessary. Fold this edge in once more to cover the raw edge. Pin to hold in place.

the draped coat pinning the hem

STEP 2. Stitch on the edge to complete the outside edges of your coat.

STEP 3. Press your garment.


 Watch and learn how to create The Sleeveless Draped Coat by following our YouTube Tutorial.

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